Tobacco-Free Living

Project Health Handbook
The Project Health Handbook provides the employer with topic-specific background information to help make a business case for workplace wellness planning and programming, including suggested workplace wellness goals and topic specific comprehensive workplace health promotion strategies. Click to access the Tobacco-Free Living section of the Handbook for Healthy Workplaces in Waterloo Region.

Project Health offers a variety of services to workplaces on specific health-related topics (see the Project Health Topics section of the website for specific topic areas):

Project Health offers a variety of resources on each of our health promotion topics (see the Project Health Topics section of the website for specific topic areas):

Helpful Links
0 Analysis of the Yong Adult Ontario Workforce (The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit)
0 Cessation - Healthy Workplace Helping Your Employees Become Smoke-Free (Region of Waterloo Public Health)
1 Cessation Resources (Region of Waterloo Public Health Quitting Smoking)
0 Comprehensive guide (York Region Public Health - Good Business, Better Health: A comprehensive guide for smoke-free workplaces)
0 Employers' Smoking Cessation Guide (Professional Assisted Cessation Therapy)
1 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Workplace Policy (Canadian Centre for Occupation Health and Safety)
1 General (Health Canada -Pre and Postnatal Smoking Issues)
0 Halton Smoke-Free Ontario: A guide for workplaces and public places in Halton Region
1 Health Canada (Tobacco)
0 HKPR Smoke-Free Workplace Policy Resource Kit
1 Legislation (Ministry of Health Promotion - How the Smoke-Free Ontario Act Affects Employers and Employees Fact Sheet)
0 Making Your Workplace Smoke-Free
1 Program Training and Consultation Centre (Tobacco)
1 Report: Tobacco Use and Its Consequences in Waterloo Region (Region of Waterloo Public Health, 2015)
1 Smoke-Free Ontario Act (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)
1 Smoker's Helpline (Canadian Cancer Society)
1 Smoking (Region of Waterloo Public Health)
0 Smoking and the Bottom Line: Updating the Costs of Smoking in the Workplace
0 Smoking Cessation and the Workplace Briefing 1 - Profile of Tobacco Smokers in Canada
0 Smoking Cessation and the Workplace Briefing 2 – Smoking Cessation Programs in Canadian Workplaces
0 Smoking Cessation and the Workplace Briefing 3 – Benefits of Workplace Programs
1 Smoking cessation for pregnant or postpartum women (Pregnets)
1 Smoking Cessation in the Workplace: A Guide to helping your employees quit smoking (Health Canada)
1 Smoking, heart disease and stroke (Heart and Stroke Foundation)
0 Smoking: If You Quit Will You Gain Weight? (Toronto Public Health)
0 The Burden of Tobacco Use
1 Tobacco Control Policies (Health Canada - Towards a Healthier Workplace: A guidebook on tobacco control policies)