Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces

The Canadian Pediatric Society, Health Canada, Dietitians of Canada, Breastfeeding Committee for Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada recommend that women feed their babies only breast milk for the first six months of life.  Women should continue to breastfeed their babies for up to two years or longer with appropriate complementary feeding.  This means that some women will continue to breastfeed after returning to work.  A supportive work environment can make a big difference in having a successful breastfeeding experience that will benefit babies, mothers and employers!

Breastfeeding has many benefits for babies, mothers, and employers.  For babies, breastfeeding can promote increased brain development; prevent overfeeding; decrease the risk of  ear infections, lower respiratory infections and digestive diseases; and decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer.  Breastfeeding also benefits the mother as women who breastfeed their infants have fewer post-partum complications and are less likely to develop certain types of ovarian and breast cancers.

Breastfeeding also benefits employers.  Breastfeeding reduces the need for health services that must be paid for by extended health care plans, government agencies or families, as well as reduces absenteeism at work by decreasing the amount of time off that parents may need to care for sick children.

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