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The Personal Wellness Profile completed when Teledyne DALSA’s “Stay Strong Wellness Program” was launched in 2013. Better Nutrition and Managing Stress were identified as two of our top health risk factors. In 2014 we decided to dedicate an entire month to each of these two topics. As a result, the focus for the entire month of October in 2014 was on healthy eating, especially healthy snacking. We started the month with a Lunch and Learn presentation on Healthy Snacking and the participation was great. Staff really resonated with this topic and wanted to learn more about it. We also used the occasion to announce that we were switching to new vending machines that would provide healthier options for both snacks and drinks. The new vending machines were introduced later that month. Although the new machines were not received with great enthusiasm at first, people have started to see the benefit of having healthy snack or drink options like raw almonds, a tuna snack or coconut water available instead of chocolate bars or sugary drinks.

With our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy, Mental Health and Work Stress are key topics for us and we wanted to dedicate more time to raising awareness and helping people cope with stress and mental health related issues. The focus for the entire month of February in 2015 was on Mental Health and Work Stress.  We had email campaigns focusing on The Power of Positive Thinking and Gratitude and an individual wellness challenge “Not Myself Today”. We really wanted to put a fun spin on it and decided to introduce the Fun Fridays as a way to brighten up the month with a few fun events at work. Each Friday we had a different theme – Backwards Day, Wacky Hat or Hat and Game Day. A healthy breakfast was also offered every Friday and people could get together in our lunch room, enjoy some breakfast and spend some quality time and share some laughs with their co-workers.

Our Stay Strong Wellness Program has had a very successful second year. This year’s success was made evident by the high participation rates in all the different wellness initiatives introduced and once again the great feedback received from our employees at our Waterloo campus where our Stay Strong Wellness Program is offered.

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