2017 Healthy Workplace and Innovator Award Application Forms

The online application forms for the 2017 Healthy Workplace Awards and Innovator Award will be available early April 2017.  

When you access the application for the first time, you will be required to click on the checkbox to receive a login code. This code will allow you to stop and continue your application another time without losing the information you entered. It will also allow you to update your application once you have submitted it. It is very important for you to copy and paste the login code somewhere for your records.

For now, we recommend that you download the pdfs of the 2017 applications and guide to use as a working copy with your wellness committee over the next year.  

Resources to help you complete the application - click on the following links to view
 2017 Application Guide (Review prior to applying)   
 2017 Healthy Workplace Award Application Form (Read-only reference copy)
 2017 Innovator Award Application Form (Read-only reference copy)

 2017 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
These pdf reference versions can be helpful to gather the information needed for your application

For on-line application (available April 2017)

  • Only complete applications will be considered for review - please read the instructions and questions carefully when completing the application online
  • The deadline date for submissions is June 9, 2017
  • Workplaces are welcome to apply for both a Healthy Workplace Award and Innovator Award
  • Application Fee - The application fee is $100.00 each for both the Healthy Workplace Award application and Innovator Award application. Once we have received your application, you will receive a confirmation email from the Project Health team with information on how to make payment and register for your complimentary tickets for the Healthy Workplace Awards Celebration Event

Do not hesitate to contact Project Health if you require any assistance with your application at projecthealth@regionofwaterloo.ca or 519-575-4400.

We look forward to sharing your successes at the 2017 Healthy Workplace Awards Celebration during October’s Healthy Workplace Month (date to be determined).