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Project Health was officially formed in 2009 when the Waterloo Region ‘Together 4 Health Workplace Wellness Group’ transitioned their workplace wellness group to Public Health. At the time, Public Health’s expanded role in providing Project Health services was supported by our 2008 Ontario Public Health Standards requirements. Starting in 2017, Project Health went through a comprehensive program review.  During the review period, new Ontario Public Health Standards (2018) removed our mandate for working directly with workplaces.

In 2018 Region of Waterloo Public Health decided to change the way that we are supporting workplaces.  Healthy Workplace Awards, Networking Sessions, and Lunch and Learns will no longer continue; however, you can continue to access workplace health electronic resources at  You can also contact the Public Health Resource Centre for health-related displays, interactive teaching kits, pamphlets, and other resources.

If you would like receive an electronic communications two to three times a year with helpful information and/or opportunities for workplaces, please email

Thank you for participating in Project Health programming over the years, and for your efforts to improve and sustain a healthy workplace.  We hope that you are able to continue your outstanding work.